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What we do:

We help investors build successful real estate businesses by advising on strategies to get deals done, and limiting their risks so folks can keep their hard-earned money.  We can help as little or as much as our clients want, advising newbie investors to seasoned pros.  

  • Creative negotiation & term sheet drafting
  • Purchase agreements & modifications
  • Contract for deeds and CD cancellation 
  • Joint ventures, partnerships & syndication
  • Multi-family and commercial leases
  • Lease/Option contracts (ie. rent-to-own transactions)
  • Construction contracts
  • Lien waivers, transfers & removals
  • Land trusts
  • Property management agreements
  • Eviction and collection actions
  • Real estate litigation and mediation


Are Zero Down Deals Real -or Just Scammer Hype?

Yes, zero-down deals truly exist, and they can be done legally.  And yes, scammers are out there to take your money with hype of getting rich quickly. This is not a get rich quick plan. These deals are not easy to find and most newbies give up long before they should.  It takes a lot of work, creativity and sometimes a fair amount of risk. The more money you have to invest, the easier and less risky it will be.  "Cash is king" for a reason.  But if you are willing to work hard, think hard, stay engaged and take some risks, you CAN acquire properties with little or none of your own money.  There are several well-documented strategies for doing exactly that.  

BUT BEWARE! There are many scammers ready to teach you their methods, some legal, some not.  Most will rope you in with a free seminar, followed by a reasonably-priced weekend workshop, designed only to whet your appetite for their $30,000-$50,000 programs.  They are magicians at pulling dollars out of unsuspecting individuals, and only a tiny fraction of their students ever end up doing the business.   And many of these wolves are wearing the names of famous people whose reputations you might feel inclined to trust. Don't!!!  Far better to use resources like BiggerPockets to learn these methods.  To be clear, not all real estate investor educators are scammers.  Do your homework in selecting a training. 


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