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Welcome to my site!  I've provided legal representation to entrepreneurs since 1997. I’m not only an attorney-adviser. I’ve been an entrepreneur in a few different industries, and a landlord and real estate investor myself since 2002.  I’m grateful to have survived a major business failure in 2009 with my clothing company, Ajeeta Inc.  I regrouped and returned to an early love of mine, real estate, and bought my first commercial property in 2014 with $2000 I barely scrounged together.  I share that so you'll know that I have first-hand knowledge of the struggles, joys, challenges and rewards that my clients seek, and I can help them get where they want to go. 

My sweet spot is helping people make money through creative deal-making, protecting assets and creating outstanding relationships. The wealth-building capacity of real estate is what drove me to launch My hope is to re-create the rags-to-riches story repeatedly for client after client; although nobody in their right mind could guarantee or expect that outcome for everyone. Real estate has been an amazing wealth-building channel for myself and many of my clients.  Other clients are well on their way, and still others of my clients were already successful real estate investors when I met them, and call on me for specific legal tasks they are not qualified to handle.  

My "Credentials"

I've earned honors both in my law school at William Mitchell College of Law and as an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota.  The U of M is also where I was nominated and became a member of the Phi Beta Kappa honorary society, ("the oldest and the most exclusive honor society in the country," according to the New York Times.) That is also where I played saxophone for the U of MN Marching Band, which has nothing whatsoever with my qualifications to provide real estate advice, but neither does the honors credential, in my humble opinion, other than that some people think it matters.  To me what matters cannot be measured, but it surely can be felt, and that is the deep enthusiasm I have to help my clients succeed.  

Best Regards,
Heidi Pliam

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