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For Real Estate Investors / Buyers

  • REI Consulting/Assessment.  This entails a longer meeting by phone, skype or in-person.  I answer your questions to the best of my ability, then we talk through your objectives in detail and I write up an risk-opportunity analysis of your best opportunities for getting started or growing your real estate business and providing a mini business plan for what it will take to get there. Payment is $375 due at time of consultation. Full amount applies toward purchase of a Full Service Assist. 
  • Full Service Assist.  You have access to me through unlimited calls and review of unlimited deals for four months. In addition to closing one deal, my goal is to help you create a system out of what we do together, so that you can replicate this with little or none of my help in the future.  I will also provide all the needed legal work and forms required along the way, from forming an LLC to closing the deal. After the four month period expires, if you have an active offer or deal in progress I will continue my services until you close that deal or it terminates on its own. Payment of $3,600 is due as an advanced retainer for this service. OR, if you prefer, I will accept $1000 as a good faith initial retainer, with $7,000 due at closing, if you qualify.   
  • Landlord Protection Package.  I draft a residential lease befitting your particular property's needs/requirements.  I review your tenant screening procedures and documentation for legal compliance.  Payment is $375 due at the consultation.  

  • Landlord Protection Subscription.  I provide unlimited calls and review documents up to 3 pages. Payment is $45 per month (for up to 2 years) if you purchased the Landlord Protection Package or $60 per month if you have not.  In either case, if hired as counsel to represent you for evictions or conciliation court matter pertaining to your properties, you are entitled to a 25% discount in normal attorneys fees.

URGENT Sale Assistance For Real Estate Sellers

  • Immediate Consultation.  Do you need to get out of a bind?  Whether facing foreclosure, need to move quickly, or wish to get away from an divorce or other problem, buyers could be lining up to help you.  But before you sign away your rights, get my help reviewing ALL your options.  Many real estate investors want to profit from your desperation, and in many situations your problem becomes their wealth plan.  I provide neutral objective advice having been on all sides of these kinds of deals.  It's important to get all the facts and options available to you. Payment is $175 due at the time of the consultation. 
  • Full Service Assist. This service begins with a full consultation in which we review your entire situation, legally and financially and explore your options.  After that you might desire to hire me for a Full Service Assist for helping you navigate and handle all the legal issues of your sale. I might be able to do that fully as a fee at closing, but that depends on a case by case evaluation.

Traditional Seller's Representation

  • Full Service Assist.  I prepare the purchase agreement (or review yours) and make recommendations for protecting your interests from beginning to end of the sale.  This includes initial advice on signing a Realtor's exclusive representation agreement, to fielding unlimited legal questions throughout the process to assisting fully with reviewing closing documentation and attending the closing virtually or in person. This package works with or without a Realtor's involvement. Payment for this services ranges from $2,800 to $8,500, depending on deal complexity and options you choose for the representation.  Typically, full payment is due up front, but in some cases can be paid in part at closing. 
  • Closing Assistance.  I prepare all seller's documents for closing and review those prepared by others as needed.  I provide recommendations for a smooth closing. I "attend" the closing by phone or video in order to field questions and solve problems that may arise.  Payment for this service is $800.00 to $1,200, depending on deal complexity, and paid prior to commencing work toward closing. Note: this does not include a full title opinion, but does include advising on basic title questions.



PLEASE NOTE:  Terms and pricing are subject to change.  Your client contract is the final word on terms and pricing.

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